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Manga Coloring Tutorial

Learn to go from this... this...

This was made in Adobe Photoshop 6, but is probably easily translated into other programs.
Step One
Crop the original manga scan and resize to 100 by 100 pixels. Sharpen the image (Filter > Sharpen > Sharpen). Often black and white manga scans are in "Greyscale Mode." Be sure to change the mode to color (Image > Mode > RGB Color).
Step Two
Make a new layer above your base layer. Fill it with #1E315A and set the blend mode to "Exclusion."
Step Three
This is when the hard work begins, but it's only hard because it can take a lot of time. Create a new layer and begin coloring in the sections as you'd like them to look. Yes, this means you will need to zoom in and use a small, round brush. Here you can see the layer I colored Gaara's hair in with, I used the color #CB2D2D. You do not need to be careful for black lines... That will be all set when you set this layer to "Multiply."
Step Four
As you continue coloring, I feel it is best to put each color on its own layer. This isn't entirely necessary, but if you want to slightly adjust a single color later (Image > Adjust > Hue/Saturation), then you can this way. For Gaara's eyes and clothing, I colored with #9FE6C2 and set the layer to "Multiply." With other images, you might want to color in a background or whatever, here I chose not to.
Step Five
On this image, this step isn't very necessary. If there is a place that should be lightened or white, then you might want to do this. Create a new layer and use a small, round brush to fill in these areas. For example, I filled in the whites of Gaara's eyes. Set this layer to "Soft Light." Be careful you do not color over dark lines, because they might turn grey.
Step Six
This step is also optional. I only do it because it makes the final result look like a painting with paint drips on it. Select a color already in your image. Using the Drip Brush Set from (psst... secret "image pack" here), create a new layer and brush a few drips on. Don't over-do this - erase some drips if necessary. Set this layer to "Color Burn." If you want to darken the drips, duplicate this layer and set the copy and keep the setting at "Color Burn." If you want to lighten the drips, duplicate and set the copy to "Color Dodge." Play around with the opacity until you have the effect you want.
Step Seven
Now to finally get the aged effect! Here I modified a texture from Texture Set 15 by ohfreckle at ownthesunshine. I pasted the modified texture on top of all other layers and set this layer to "Soft Light."
Step Eight
To enhance this aged effect, create a new layer and fill it with #B27814. Set this layer to "Color Burn," with an opacity of 40%. For each icon, you should adjust this percentage.
Step Eight
The icon is looking good, but is too dark and brown. Duplicate your original base. Place the copy on top of all layers and set the blend mode to "Soft Light." Make final adjustments... For example, I realized I had gone over the lines when coloring Gaara's hair and cleaned that up with the eraser tool. Now the icon is finished!

If you found this useful, please comment and, if you want to, share your results. Also, you could friend this community. Have fun! Any questions, just ask.

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